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Empowering Women: Workplace Diversity

Writing Ideas For Scholars on Workplace Diversity Issues.

When handling a project in human resource management on the topic of workplace diversity issues for your academic or scholarly writing task, aim to identify the key barriers why female Human Resources managers get paid low wages compared to there male counterparts despite them having equal or higher educational credentials.

Quick Statistics on the Workplace Diversity Topic Above

The Bureau of Labor Statistics released an annual report on the “Highlights of Women’s Earnings in 2017”. Based on the data analysis report, male HR Managers earn 40% more than their female peers. The uncontrolled gender gap pays still in effect. One of the main reasons based on the analysis report on why women fail to negotiate their salary is due to them being hesitant and not advocate for themselves.

Work place diversity
Women collaborating in an office

Quick Definition of Workplace Diversity

Workplace Diversity refers to when a company employs a wide range of diverse individuals with different characteristics.  A company with a diverse workforce has employees of varying gender, age, ethnicity, race, religion, languages, cultural background, sexual orientation, education, abilities, among other personal attributes. 

Top Ten Benefits Of Workplace Diversity

Below are the top ten main benefits of workplace diversity.

  1. Increases creativity in the workplace.
  2. Better decision making in the workplace.
  3. Faster problem-solving.
  4. Variety of different employee Perspectives.
  5. High levels of innovation; product innovation and organization operations innovations.
  6. Increased organization production and profits.
  7. Higher employee engagement and performance.
  8. Improved brand image and company reputation.
  9. Improved recruitment and hiring process.
  10. Reduced employee turnover.
Top 10 benefits of workplace diversity

Top five challenges of workplace diversity.

Below are the top five main challenges of workplace diversity.

  1. Aligning diversity practices with unique organizational goals.
  2. Moving from diversity program design to implementation.
  3. Training management on diversity goals.
  4. Overcoming human bias from a diverse workforce.
  5. Overcoming internal resistance 

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